• ol Amerika the Americans
  • Amerika misis an American lady
  • Mi laik go long Amerika.
    I would like to go to America.

FYI: From 1942-45 over 1,000,000 American troops fought with the Australians against the Japanese in the PNG war zone. For the first time PNGans saw black men (black American soldiers) with apparently the status and wealth of white men. Villagers were also impressed by the extraordinary quantities of possessions brought in by the Americans and these experiences contributed to the development of some of the postwar cargo cults.

After 1975 PNG established diplomatic relations with the USA which provided some aid tied to particular projects. In 1989 PNG and USA signed a Status of Forces agreement which provides for the presence of military personnel in each other’s country for purposes including joint exercises, military training and visits by military ships and planes. Two major USA companies, Kennecott and Chevron, have interests in PNG mineral and petroleum projects.

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