• adjective

1. save

  • She is able to write.
    Em i save long rait.
  • I am able to do it.
    Mi save long mekim.
  • Village people are able to plant food.
    Ol manmeri long ples i save long planim kaikai.

2. (physically capable) inap

  • I am (physically able) to stand this post up.
    Mi inap sanapim dispela pos.
  • She cannot (is not physically able to) harvest sweet potato.
    Em i no inap kamautim kaukau.
  • Are you able to go to town?
    Yu inap go long taun?
  • He isn’t able to get the fruit.
    Em i no inap long kisim pikinini bilong diwai.
  • Will you be able to finish this job?
    Bai yu inap pinisim dispela wok?

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