Commonly Used Abbreviations in PNG

AAAAmerican Anthropological Association
ABAmtsblatt für Neugu
ABCAustralian Broadcasting Corporation
ABGAutonomous Bougainville Government
ACIARAustralian Centre for International Agricultural Research
ACPAssistant Commissioner of Police
ACPACSAustralian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies
ACWINAction Council of Women in Need
ADAAssistant District Administrator
ADBAsian Development Bank
ADRAAdventist Development and Relief Agency
AFBAAnnual Funding Budget Amount
AGSYSAgricultural System
AIBAllied Intelligence Bureau
AICAccident Investigation Commission
AIDABAustralian International Development Assistance Bureau
AIDSAcquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIFAustralian Imperial Force
ANCAnte Natal Care
Armed Native Constabulary
ANGAUAustralia New Guinea Administrative Unit
ANGOAustralian Non-Governmental Organisation
ANUAustralian National University
ANZAASAustralian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science
AOCAssembly of Chiefs
APECAsia Pacific Economic Cooperation
APOAid Post Orderly
APPIAgreement for the Promotion and Protection of Investment
APTAdditional Profits Tax
ARAacademic research agreement
ARBAutonomous Region of Bougainville
ARTAntiretroviral Therapy
Antiretroviral Treatment
ASDAir Services Division (of DOT)
ASEANAssociation of Southeast Asian Nations
ASMAlluvial and Small-scale Mining
ASOMPSAsian Symposium on Medicinal Plants and Spices
ASOPAAustralian School of Pacific Administration
ATCAir Traffic Control
ATMAir Traffic Management
ATRAir Transport Regulation Division (of DOT)
ATSAir Traffic Services
AusAIDAustralian Agency for International Development
AVHRRAdvanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
AWAAustralian Wireless Association
AWMAustralian War Memorial
B.A.Bachelor of Arts
BAHAPapua New Guinea Business Coalition against HIV and AIDS
BAMSBridge Asset Management System
BANABanoni and Nagovisi
BBCBritish Broadcasting Corporation
BCABougainville Copper Agreement
BCLBougainville Copper Limited
BCPLBougainville Copper Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd)
BCRBenefit Cost Ratio
BDABorder Development Authority
BDCBougainville Development Corporation
BDPRBougainville District Patrol Reports
BHPBroken Hill Propriety Company Limited
BIABuka Interim Authority
BIPGBougainville Interim Provincial Government
BLFBuka Liberation Front
BLGCBuka Local Government Council
BMCBougainville Mining Company
BMLBougainville Mining Limited
BMWUBougainville Mining Workers’ Union
BNPLBasic Needs Poverty Line
BPBefore the present
Burns Philp Pty Limited
BPNGBank of Papua New Guinea
BRABougainville Revolutionary Army
BSAsBenefit Sharing Agreements
BSPCBougainville Special Political Committee
BTGBougainville Transitional Government
CACommunity Affairs
CAACivil Aviation Authority (previous)
Civil Aviation Act
CACCCentral Agency Coordinating Committee
CADIPCivil Aviation Development Investment Program
CAOCompliance Advisory Ombudsmen
CARCivil Aviation Regulations
CASACivil Aviation Safety Authority
CAVAWCommittee Against Violence Against Women
CBCCatholic Bishops’ Conference
CBDConvention on Biological Diversity
CBHCCommunity-Based Health Care
CBOCommunity-Based Organisation
CCACCommunity Coalition Against Corruption
CCDCorporate Community Development
CCEACocoa and Coconut Extension Agency
CCICocoa Coconut Institute of Papua New Guinea
CDPChristian Democratic Party
CDWWUCentral District Waterside Workers Union
CECChurches Education Council
CEDAWConvention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
CEOChief Executive Officer
CEPAConservation and Environment Protection Authority
CFCChristian Fellowship Church
CGIARConsultative Group on International Agricultural Research
CHWCommunity Health Worker
CICCoffee Industry Corporation Limited
CIFPCountry Indicators for Foreign Policy
CIMCConsultative Implementation and Monitoring Council
CITESConvention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
CLCChristian Life Centre
CLRCConstitutional and Law Reform Commission
CLTCChristian Leaders Training College
CMBCopra Marketing Board
CMCCase Management Centre
Churches Medical Council
CMCAsCommunity Mine Continuation Agreements
CNGLChevron NiuGuini Limited
CNSCommunication, Navigation and Surveillance (air)
COCommanding Officer
COACertificate of Airworthiness
COCCouncil of Chiefs
COLREGInternational Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (IMO)
COPDCommunity Oil Palm Development
CPCConstitutional Planning Committee
CPCHECanadian Partnership for Children’s Health and Environment
CPIconsumer price index
CPLChoiseul Plantations Limited (Ltd)
CPPChurch Partnership Programme
CRAcommercial research agreement
Conzinc Riotinto of Australia
CRAEConzinc Riotinto Australia Exploration
CRCConvention on the Rights of the Child
CRESCentre for Resource and Environmental Science (ANU)
CSCorrectional Services
CSAChild Sexual Abuse
Commercial Statutory Authorities
CSECCommercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
CSIROCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (Australia)
CSOCivil Society Organisation
Community Service Obligation
CSRCorporate Social Responsibility
CSRMCentre for Social Responsibility in Mining
CSTBCentral Supply and Tenders Board
CTCCoasting Trade Committee
CUCensus Unit
CWOcommunity women's organizers
CWTPCommunity Water Transport Project (within DOT)
DACDevelopment Assistance Committee
DALDepartment of Agriculture and Livestock
DASFDepartment of Agriculture, Stock and Fisheries
DAWNDevelopment Alternatives with Women for a New Era
DDADepartment of District Administration
DDSNADepartment of District Services (and Native Affairs)
DECDepartment of Environment and Conservation
DFATDepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australia)
DFCDDepartment of Family and Community Development
DHPGDeutsche Handels und Plantagen Gesellschaft
DHSDemographic and Health Survey
DipEdDiploma of Education
DJAGDepartment of Justice and Attorney General
DKBDeutsches Kolonialblatt
DMEDistance Measuring Equipment (air navigation)
DMPGMDepartment of Mineral Policy and Geohazard Management
DNPMDepartment of National Planning and Monitoring
DNPRDDepartment of National Planning and Rural Development
DODistrict Officer
DOEDepartment of Education
DOFDepartment of Finance
DOHDepartment of Health
DOTDepartment of Transport
DOWDepartment of Works and Implementation
DPEDepartment of Petroleum and Energy
DPIDepartment of Primary Industry
DPLGADepartment for Provincial and Local Government Affairs
DPLLGADepartment of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs
DPMDepartment of Personnel Management
DRIPDistrict Road Improvement Programme
DSGDistrict Support Grant
DSIPDistrict Services Improvement Programme
DSPDevelopment Strategic Plan
DSTPDeep Sea Tailings Placement
DTIPDistrict Transport Improvement Programme
DVDDomestic Violence Decree
DWUDivine Word University
EAEvangelical Alliance
EBCEvangelical Brotherhood Church Inc.
ECEuropean Commission
European Community
ECDPMEuropean Centre for Development Policy Management
ECIAEconomic Corridor Implementation Authority
ECPEnhanced Cooperation Programme (Australia)
EDDExpected Date of Delivery
EEZExclusive Economic Zones
EHEastern Highlands
EHLEsso Highlands Limited
EIAsEnvironmental Impact Assessments
EIRREconomic Internal Rate of Return
EITIExtractive Industries Transparency Initiative
ELExploration Leases
ELCOMElectricity Commission
ELCPNGEvangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea
EMCEnvironmental Management Committee
ENBEast New Britain
ENSOEl Niño Southern Oscillation
EPGEnga Provincial Government
ERUEducational Research Unit
ESEast Sepik
ESCAPEconomic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
ESDEast Sepik District
ecologically sustainable development
ESNOEl Niño-Southern Oscillation
EUEuropean Union
EVAWElimination of Violence Against Women
FAOFood and Agriculture Organization (of the United Nations)
FASFirst Assistance Secretary
FEEDFront End Engineering and Design
FESSFund for Economic and Social Stabilisation
FFBFresh Fruit Bunch (oil palm)
FHRIPFamily Health and Rural Improvement Program
FIMSForest Resource Information System
FIRFlight Information Region
FLAFamily Law Act
FLOJFoundation for Law, Order and Justice
FMAForest Management Agreement
FPAFamily Protection Act
FPDAFresh Produce Development Agency Ltd
FPICFree Prior Informed Consent
FPOFamily Protection Order
FPUFamily Protection Unit
FRAForest Resources Authority
FSCFamily Support Centre
FSVACFamily and Sexual Violence Action Committee
FSVUFamily and Sexual Violence Unit
FSWfemale sex worker
GATTGeneral Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GAVIGlobal Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization
GBVGender – Based Violence
GCMGGrand Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George
GDPGross Domestic Product
GFCGlobal Financial Crisis
GGHEGeneral Government Health Expenditure
GISGeographical Information System
GLONASSGlobal Navigation and Surveillance System
GNGGerman New Guinea
GNPGross National Product
GNSSGlobal Navigation Satellite System
GoPNGGovernment of Papua New Guinea
GPAGlobal Program on AIDS
GPNGGovernment of Papua New Guinea
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GRUFGrassroots United Front Party
HADHouse of Assembly Debates
HDIHuman Development Index
HDRHuman Development Report
HEOHealth Extension Officer
HIESHousehold Income and Expenditure Survey
HIVHuman Immunodeficiency Virus
HMASHis Majesty’s Australian Ship
HRWHuman Rights Watch
HSESHealth, Safety, Environment and Security
HSSPHealth Sector Support Programme
HWHRDMHighlands Women’s Human Rights Defenders Movement
IAIAInternational Association of Impact Assessment
IALAInternational Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities
IASERInstitute of Applied Social and Economic Research
IATAInternational Air Transport Association
IBBSIntegrated Bio-Behavioural Survey
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organisation
ICBGInternational Collaborative Biodiversity Group
ICCCIndependent Consumer and Competition Commission
ICMMInternational Council on Metals and Minerals
ICPNGInvestment Corporation of Papua New Guinea
ICRAFIndividual and Community Rights Forum
ICTsinformation communication technologies
IDAInfrastructure Development Authority
IDSInstitute of Development Studies (UK)
IFCInternational Finance Corporation
IFRInstrument Flight Rules
IFTAInsect Farming and Trading Agency
IHOInternational Hydrographic Organization
ILEinter-linked economies
ILGIncorporated Land Group
ILOInternational Labour Organisation
ILSInstrument Landing System
IMFInternational Monetary Fund
IMGIndependent Members’ Group
IMOInternational Maritime Organisation
IMRInstitute of Medical Research
INAInstitute of National Affairs
IOCSInternational Organisation of Classification Societies
IPAInvestment Promotion Authority
IPBCIndependent Public Business Corporation
IPCCIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPEPNGInstitute of Professional Engineers of Papua New Guinea
IPNGSInstitute of Papua New Guinea Studies
IPOInterim Protection Order
IPPFInternational Planned Parenthood Federation
IPRintellectual property rights
IRCInternal Revenue Commission
ISDMIntergovernmental Service Delivery Mechanism
ISLPInternational Senior Lawyers Project
ISOInternational Standards Organisation
ISPSInternational Shipping and Port Security
ITTTambococha Tiputini Trust Fund
ITTOInternational Tropical Timber Organization
IUCNInternational Union for the Conservation of Nature
IWDAInternational Women’s Development Agency
JACJoint Advisory Council
JAGJustice Advisory Group
JDPJoint Declaration of Principles
JDPBPCjoint district planning and budget priorities committee
JICAJapan International Cooperation Agency
KIKKokonas Indastri Koporesen
KPHKumul Petroleum Holdings
KPIKey Performance Indicator
LAESLowlands Agricultural Experiment Station, Keravat
LANCOLandowner Company
LCOELeitana Council of Elders
LDCLivestock Development Corporation Ltd
LL.B.Bachelor of Laws
LL.D.Doctor of Laws
LLGLocal Level Government
LLGSIPLocal Level Government Services Improvement Program
LMCLihir Medical Centre
LMICLower Middle Income Country
LMSLondon Missionary Society
LNALeague for National Advancement
LNGLiquefied Natural Gas
LPVLimited Preferential Voting
LRCLaw Reform Commission
LSDPLihir Sustainable Development Plan
LSSLand Settlement Scheme
LTBLand Transport Board
LTDLand Transport Division (of DOT)
LTEULetters to the Editor Uncensored
LTIPLong Term Investment Plan
LTMCLong Term Maintenance Contract
M.A.Master of Arts
M.Ed.Master of Education
MAMelanesian Alliance
MACMining Advisory Council
MARPOLInternational Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships
MASMataungan Association
MASPMapping Agricultural Systems of Papua New Guinea Project
MBDMilne Bay District
MBDWAMilne Bay District Workers Association
MCCChinese Metallurgical Construction Group
MCHMaternal Child Health
MDCsMine Development Contracts
MDGsMillennium Development Goals
MFFMulti-Tranche Financing Facility
MFFNMelanesian Farmer First Network
MGAMovement for Greater Autonomy
MICMetal Industries Company
MIFMelanesian Independence Front
MIGMorobe Independent Group
MIGAMultilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
MIGRMinistry for Inter-Government Relations
MIMMount Isa Mines
MLMining Lease
MLPMelanesian Liberal Party
MMRMaternal Mortality Rate
MNPModel Nation Party
MOAMemorandum of Agreement
MODIPEMorobe District People’s Association
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MPMember of Parliament
MPAMembers of the Provincial Assembly
MPKGMadang-Baiyer River-Karamui-Gulf Corridor
MPPCMinerals and Petroleum Policy Committee
MPTFMulti-Partner Trust Fund Office
MRAMineral Resources Authority
MRDCMineral Resources Development Corporation
MRSFMineral Resources Stabilisation Fund
MSCMost Significant Change technique
MSFMédecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)
MSGMelanesian Spearhead Group
MSMmales who have sex with males / men who have sex with men
MSSmanuscripts (in archives)
MSUMaritime Security Unit (of DOT)
MTAmaterials transfer agreement
MTDMaritime Transport Division (of DOT)
MTDPMedium Term Development Plan
MTDSMedium Term Development Strategy
MTNGMandated Territory of New Guinea
MTTPMedium Term Transport Plan
MUFMelanesian United Front
MUGminimum unconditional grant
MVILMotor Vehicle Insurance Ltd
NANational Alliance
NAANational Archives of Australia
NACNational Agricultural Council
National AIDS Council
NACSNational AIDS Council Secretariat
NADPNational Agriculture Development Plan
NAISNational Agricultural Information System
NAPNational Alliance Party
Napidakoe(Nasioi) Pi (Pirung) Da (Damara) Ko (Koromira/Konau (E (Eivo) NavituNa
NAQIANational Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority
NARINational Agricultural Research Institute
NASMPNational Airport Strategic Management Plan
NASPNational Aviation Security Programme
NavaidsNavigation Aids
NBACNoel Butlin Archives Centre
NBCNational Broadcasting Corporation
NBHCNew Broken Hill Consolidated Ltd
NBPOLNew Britain Palm Oil Limited
NCCNational Council of Chiefs
National Cultural Commission
NCDNational Capital District
NCDCNational Capital District Commission
NCDRNew Case Detection Rate
NCSNational Catering Services
NCWNational Commission for Women
NDBNon Directional Beacon
NDCNational Disaster Centre
NDoENational Department of Education
NDoHNational Department of Health
NDoHNational Department of Health
NEBNational Education Board
NECNational Executive Council
NEFCNational Economic and Fiscal Commission
NESNational Education Strategy
Nucleus Estate and Smallholder (model)
NESCNational Energy Skills Programme
NFANational Fisheries Authority
NFBNational Forestry Board
NFHSDPNorth Fly Health Services Development program
NFSNational Forestry Service
NGNew Guinea
NGCNational Gas Company
NGIBNew Guinea Infantry Battalion
NGONon-Government Organisation
NGPNew Generation Party
NHASPNational HIV/AIDS Support Program
NINew Ireland
NIDANational Investment Development Authority
NIPNations Interest Party
NKWNachrichten aus Kaiser Wilhelmsland
NLANational Library of Australia
NLOJCNational Law, Order and Justice Council
NLTBNational Land Transport Board
NMANational Maritime Authority
NMBNational Mapping Bureau
NMSANational Maritime Safety Authority
NNSNational Nutrition Survey
NPNational Party
NPCNational Premiers Council
NPGNationalist Pressure Group
NPKnitrogen–phosphorus–potassium fertiliser
NPLANew Panguna Landowners’ Association
NPONational Planning Office
NRANational Roads Authority
NRCCNational Rescue Coordination Centre
NRINational Research Institute
NRSCNational Road Safety Council
NSNorth Solomons
NSANon-State Actors
NSONational Statistical Office (of Papua New Guinea)
NSPNational Strategic Plan
North Solomons Province
NSPGNorth Solomons Provincial Government
NSRRTNational Sex and Reproduction Research Team
NSRSDNational Strategy for Responsible and Sustainable Development
NSWNew South Wales
NTCNational Training Council
NTDPNational Transport Development Plan
NTINational Training Institute
NTSNational Transport Strategy
NWDPNational Women's Development Programme
NWSNational Weather Service
NYMPNational Youth Movement Program
NZNew Zealand
OCCDOffice of Climate Change and Development
ODAOfficial Development Assistance
ODWOffice for the Development of Women
OECDOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OHCHROffice of the High Commission for Human Rights
OICOfficer In Change
OLIPPCOrganic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates
OLNLLGEOrganic Law on National and Local-Level Government Elections
OLPGOrganic Law on Provincial Government
OLPGLLGOrganic Law on Provincial Governments and Local-level Governments
OLPLLGOrganic Law on Provincial and Local Level Government
OPECOrganization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
OPGAOil Palm Growers’ Association
OPICOil Palm Industry Corporation
OPMOrganisasi Papua Merdeka
OPRAOil Palm Research Association
ORDOffice of Rural Development
OSLOil Search Limited
OTDFOk Tedi Development Foundation
OTMLOk Tedi Mining Limited
PacLIIPacific Legal Information Institute
PACWIPPacific Women in Politics
PANGUPapua and New Guinea Union
PAPPeople’s Action Party
PATAPolicy and Advisory Technical Assistance (ADB)
PATCRAPapua New Guinea Australia Trade and Commercial Relations Agreement
PBPapua Besena
PBMCPerformance Based Maintenance Contract
PBRplant breeders rights
PC&SSPacific Counselling and Social Services
PCDPlanning and Coordination Division (of DOT)
PDParliamentary Debates
PDGFAPapua New Guinea Forest Authority
PDLPetroleum Development Licence
PDMPeople’s Democratic Movement
PDSProvincial Data System
PDWAPorgera District Women’s Association
PEAprovincial education advisor
PECProvincial Executive Council
PERRPublic Expenditure Review and Rationalisation program
PERsPublic Emergency Regulations
PGRplant genetic resources
Ph.D.Doctor of Philosophy
PIAFPacific Islands AIDS Foundation
PICPacific Island Country
PIGPangu Independent Group
PIMPacific Islands Magazine
PIMIPNG Industry Malaria Initiative
PIPPublic Investment Plan
PIRPacific Islands Regiment
PJVPorgera Joint Venture
PKPParadise Kindom Party
PLAPanguna Landowners’ Association
PlCprior informed consent
PLHIVPeople Living with HIV
PLLSMAProvincial and Local Level Government Service Monitoring Authority
PLPPeoples Labour Party
PLTBProvincial Land Transport Board
PLWHAPeople Living with HIV/AIDS
PMAMPPort Moresby Airport Master Plan
PMBPacific Manuscripts Bureau
PMGPeace Monitoring Group
PMIAPort Moresby International Airport
PMUProgramme Management Unit
PMVPublic Motor Vehicle (Taxis and Buses)
PNCPeople’s National Congress
PNG LNGPapua New Guinea Liquefied Natural Gas
PNGPapua New Guinea
PNGASLPapua New Guinea Air Services Ltd
PNGBCPapua New Guinea Banking Corporation
PNGCCPapua New Guinea Council of Churches
Papua New Guinea Coconut Commodities
PNGCMPPapua New Guinea Chamber of Mining and Petroleum
PNGDFPapua New Guinea Defence Force
PNGECPapua New Guinea Electoral Commission
PNGFAPapua New Guinea Forest Authority
PNGFPPapua New Guinea First Party
PNGHRPPapua New Guinea Human Rights Party
PNGIMRPapua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research
PNGLAPapua New Guinea Logistics Association
PNGNESPapua New Guinea National Emergency Services
PNGNLAPapua New Guinea National Logistics Association
PNGNPPapua New Guinea National Party
PNGPPapua New Guinea Party
PNGPCLPapua New Guinea Ports Corporation Ltd
PNGRISPapua New Guinea Resource Information System
PNGSDPPapua New Guinea Sustainable Development Program
PNGSPPapua New Guinea Socialist Party
PNGYPPapua New Guinea Youths Party
POMPort Moresby (airport code)
PONPPapua New Guinea One Nation Party
POPAPalm Oil Producers’ Association
PPParliamentary Papers
Peoples Party
PPDVPPacific Prevention of Domestic Violence Programme
PPLPetroleum Production Licence
Petroleum Prospecting Licence
PPPPeople’s Progress Party
Public Private Partnership
Purchasing Power Parity
PPTAProject Preparatory Technical Assistance (ADB)
PRAParticipatory Rural Appraisal
PRAECPetroleum Resources Area Economic Corridor
PRDPolicy and Research Division (of DOT)
PRFPension Reserve Fund
PRMAPetroleum Revenue Management Act
PSCPublic Services Commission
PSIPProvincial Services Improvement Program
PSPPeople’s Solidarity Party
Poro Sapot Project (Save the Children)
PTCPost and Telegraph Corporation
PYWLAPacific Young Women’s Leadership Alliance
RAAFRoyal Australian Air Force
RAMSRoad Asset Management System (currently held in DOW)
RANRoyal Australian Navy
RBMResults-Based Management
RCDFRural Constituency Development Fund
RCFResearch and Conservation Foundation
RFSSRescue and Fire Fighting Service (airport)
RHSRural Household Survey
RICRural Industries Council
RIDDRural Infrastructure Development Division
RIGFAReview of Inter-Governmental Funding Arrangements
RMRPRoad Maintenance and Rehabilitation Project (World Bank)
RMSResource Management System
RMTLTFRoad Mine Tailings Lease Trust Fund
RMUResource Mapping Unit
RNZAFRoyal New Zealand Air Force
RPNGCRoyal Papua New Guinea Constabulary
RRARapid Rural Appraisal
RRRTRegional Rights and Resources Team
RSORecognised Security Organisation
RTARoad Traffic Authority
RTPRegional Training Program
RTZRio Tinto Zinc
SAMSScottish Association of Marine Science
SAPStructural Adjustment Program
SARSearch and Rescue
SDASeventh-Day Adventists
SDGsSustainable Development Goals
SDPSocial Democratic Party
SEISSocial and Economic Impact Statement
SFSschool fee subsidy
SFTAschool fee and trust account fee
SGSSociété Générale de Surveillance
SHSouthern Highlands
SHDSustainable Human Development
SHPSouthern Highlands Province
SHPGSouthern Highlands Provincial Government
SHRDPSouthern Highlands Rural Development Project
SISolomon Islands
SIASecurity Industries Association/Authority
SIAsSocial Impact Assessments
SIBSpice Industry Board
SILSummer Institute of Linguistics
SIPServices Improvement Programme
SMSociety of Mary (Marists)
SMARTSpecific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Transparent or ‘Time-bound’
SMESmall and Medium Enterprise
SMLSpecial Mining Lease
SMSGerman abbreviation for His Majesty’s ship
Safety Management System
SNAPSorcery National Action Plan
SOEState Owned Enterprise
SOISouthern Oscillation Index
SOUSexual Offences Unit
SPCSouth Pacific Commision
Secretariat of the Pacific Community
SPFSouth Pacific Forum
SSGSpecial Support Grant
SSGMState, Society and Governance in Melanesia Project at the ANU
SSTCSouth Seas Tuna Corporation
STDSexually Transmitted Disease
STISexually Transmitted Infection
SWSex Worker
SWApSector-Wide Approach
SWFSovereign Wealth Fund
TATechnical Assistance
TACTotal Allowable Catch
TCSTax Credit Scheme
TEUTwenty Foot Equivalent Unit (shipping containers)
THE PartyTriumph Heritage Empowerment Party
THETotal Health Expenditure
TIATourism Industry Association
TIMGTransport Infrastructure Maintenance Grants
TIPSTransport Infrastructure Priorities Study
TLPsTraining and Localisation Plans
TNGTerritory of New Guinea
TORTerms of Reference
TPATourism Promotion Authority
TPCTactical Pilotage Chart
TPNGPTerritory of Papua and New Guinea
Trust Papua New Guinea Party
TRIPsAgreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property
TRRtraditional resource rights
TSCMICTransport Sector Coordination, Monitoring and Implementation Committee
TSSPTransport Sector Support Programme
TSTTorres Strait Treaty
TSUTransport Security Unit (DoT)
TUCTrade Union Congress
UBEUniversal Basic Education
UBSAUmbrella Benefit Sharing Agreement
UCUnited Church
UCOAUniting Church Overseas Aid
UDIUnilateral Declaration of Independence
UDPUnited Democratic Party
UKUnited Kingdom
UN WomenUnited Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women
UNUnited Nations
UNAIDSJoint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
UNCEDUnited Nations Conference on Environment and Development
UNCTADUnited Nations Conference on Trade and Development
UNDPUnited Nations Development Program
UNESCOUnited Nations Educational, Social and Cultural Organization
UNFPAUnited Nations Population Fund
UNGAUN General Assembly
UNHCRUnited Nations High Commission for Refugees
UNICEFUnited Nations Children’s Fund
UNIFEMUnited Nations Development Fund for Women
UNITECHPapua New Guinea University of Technology
UNREDD+United Nations Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation, Plus conservation, carbon stock enhancement and sustainable forest management
UPUnited Party
UPNGUniversity of Papua New Guinea
UPOVUnion for Protection of New Varieties of Plants
URPUnited Resource Party
USUnited States
USAUnited States of America
USDUnited States Dollar
USDAUnited States Department of Agriculture
USOAPUniversal Safety Oversight Audit Program (ICAO)
VAMViolence Against Men
VATvalue added tax
VAWViolence Against Women
VCCTVoluntary Confidential Counselling and Testing
VCTVoluntary Counselling and Testing
VFRVisual Flight Rules
VHFVery High Frequency
VOPVillage Oil Palm
VORVHF Omnidirectional Range (ground based air navaid)
WBWorld Bank
WEIWau Ecology Institute
WGTRRWorking Group on Traditional Resource Rights
WHWestern Highlands
WHOWorld Health Organization
WIDWomen in Development
WINGSWantok In Godly Services Party
WIPOWorld Intellectual Property Organisation
WISDMWomen In Shared Decision-Making
WNBWest New Britain
WPAWomen’s Plan of Action
WPHCWest Pacific High Commission
WTOWorld Trade Organisation
WWFWorld Wide Fund
WWIWorld War I
WWIIWorld War II
YWCAYoung Women’s Christian Association
ZTVFCZero Tolerance Violence Free Communities